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Why Do I Need a Winter Park Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

Are you prepared for the unexpected twists and turns that come with real estate litigation in Florida? As property owners, investors, and residents in the Sunshine State, we all hope for smooth real estate transactions, but the reality can be quite different. When disputes arise over property boundaries, contracts, or title issues, the need for an experienced Winter Park Real Estate Litigation attorney becomes undeniable.

Quick Summary:

  • Real estate litigation in Florida encompasses a wide range of conflicts, including breach of contract, landlord-tenant disputes, title issues, boundary disputes, and more.
  • Common examples of real estate litigation cases in Florida involve seller’s disclosure failures, contract conflicts, real estate agent disputes, deposit disputes, and restrictive covenants and easements.
  • Reasons to hire a Winter Park real estate litigation attorney from Pérez-Calhoun Law Firm include their knowledge of local laws, experience in complex real estate law, proactive prevention of disputes, effective negotiation, property rights protection, representation in court, and liability protection.

Pérez-Calhoun Law Firm, P.A. has provided reliable legal assistance for over 25 years to individuals and businesses in Central Florida. Led by attorney Gina R. Pérez-Calhoun, our team specializes in real estate matters, handling cases in Winter Park and beyond. We resolve issues between landlords and tenants, real estate transactions, contract disputes, and foreclosures.

When faced with legal documents for a Winter Park lawsuit, immediate action is crucial to protect your rights and defenses. Contact us today to safeguard your interests and rights in Florida’s real estate industry.

What is Real Estate Litigation?

Real estate litigation encompasses the legal disputes and conflicts that arise within the realm of real estate transactions, property ownership, and issues related to real property. This area of law involves a broad spectrum of concerns, including disagreements between various parties:

  • Buyers and Sellers: Disputes can arise over breaches of purchase agreements, undisclosed property defects, or issues related to contract terms.
  • Landlords and Tenants: Legal conflicts may involve lease terms, rent disputes, eviction proceedings, or property maintenance disagreements.
  • Property Owners and Neighbors: Neighboring property owners can engage in conflicts over boundary lines, easements, and land use issues.
  • Developers and Zoning Authorities: Real estate litigation can extend to conflicts between property developers and local zoning authorities over land use regulations and zoning changes.

Real estate litigation is not limited to residential properties; it also covers disputes related to commercial properties, adding another layer of complexity and legal considerations.

What are the Different Types of Real Estate Litigation?

In Florida, as in other states, real estate litigation encompasses a wide variety of disputes arising from real property transactions and property rights. Here are some common types of real estate litigation in Florida: 

Breach of Contract

This occurs when one party fails to fulfill obligations in a real estate contract, such as purchase agreements, lease agreements, or other types of contracts.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Issues can arise over lease terms, rent, repairs, evictions, and other matters related to rental property. 

Title Disputes

These cases concern the ownership of a property. They can arise from issues such as conflicting claims of ownership, errors in property deeds, or undisclosed liens. 

Boundary and Easement Disputes

Neighbors can have disagreements about where one property ends and another begins or who has the right to use a specific part of a property. 

Construction Litigation

This can involve disputes between homeowners and builders/contractors over defects in construction, delays, or breaches of construction contracts. 


In cases where a property owner defaults on their mortgage, the bank or lender may seek to foreclose on the property. Disputes can arise over the foreclosure process or the underlying debt. 

Land Use and Zoning Disputes

Property owners might face issues with how they can use their property due to local zoning ordinances or land use regulations. 

Condominium and Homeowners Association (HOA) Disputes

Conflicts can arise between individual unit owners and the HOA or condo board, typically over assessments, repairs, or bylaw enforcement. 

Community District Development Disputes

When disputes arise with a CDD, our attorneys can assist you in resolving conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or litigation if necessary. We can help you understand your rights and options and work towards a favorable resolution.

Fraud or Misrepresentation Claims

If a party believes they were misled or deceived during a real estate transaction, they may pursue litigation based on fraud or misrepresentation. 

Environmental Litigation

Disputes can arise if a property is found to be contaminated or if its use poses environmental concerns. 

Eminent Domain

Sometimes, the government might take private property for public use, leading to disputes over the necessity of the taking or the compensation offered. 

Partition Actions

When co-owners of a property disagree about its management or wish to sell it and can’t agree, one party might seek a court-ordered sale of the property. 

These are some common real estate litigation issues in Florida. Given the state’s unique property laws, environment, and growth trends, many unique situations can lead to litigation. Consult a Winter Park real estate litigation attorney familiar with the state’s laws and regulations, like Perez-Calhoun Law Firm, P.A. Contact us today!

What are the Examples of Real Estate Litigation Cases in Florida?

Real estate litigation cases in Florida can cover a wide range of disputes and legal issues. Some common examples of real estate litigation cases in Florida include

  • Seller’s Disclosure Failures: When a property seller doesn’t reveal defects or important information that could affect a buyer’s decision to purchase a property at a specific price.
  • Contract Conflicts: Buyers and sellers can clash due to errors or inaccuracies in forms and contracts, leading to disagreements about terms and responsibilities.
  • Real Estate Agent Disputes: Disagreements can arise involving real estate agents who may not act in the best interests of their clients, whether buyers or sellers.
  • Deposit Disputes: Many real estate agreements involve deposits. When a deal falls through, disputes may emerge over who gets to keep the deposit.
  • Restrictive Covenants and Easements: Hidden restrictions or easement requests can affect a sale, leading to boundary or access conflicts.
  • Multiple Property Owners: In some cases, a property can have multiple owners, like when multiple tenants reside in a property or when buyers purchase it through a partnership or LLC. Disputes can arise over individual rights regarding the property.

For each of these scenarios, a Winter Park real estate litigation attorney can assist you in gathering evidence, understanding relevant laws, and fighting for your rights based on your specific case. At Perez-Calhoun Law Firm, P.A., we’ve got your back, so you can focus on your well-being while we safeguard your rights.

Why Do I Need a Winter Park Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

If you’re involved in a real estate matter in Winter Park, Florida, hiring a Winter Park real estate litigation attorney from Perez-Calhoun Law Firm, P.A. can be a crucial decision. Here are some compelling reasons why:

  • Valuable Knowledge of Local Laws: Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of Winter Park’s real estate regulations, zoning ordinances, and local property transaction customs, which can greatly impact your case.
  • Complexity of Real Estate Law: Real estate law encompasses contracts, property rights, land use, zoning, and more. We specialize in guiding you effectively through these complexities.
  • Prevention is Key: Our legal team reviews contracts to avoid misunderstandings and disputes, bringing cost-effective proactive prevention instead of court resolutions.
  • Effective Negotiation: We negotiate on your behalf to protect your interests in drafting purchase agreements, renegotiating leases, and resolving disputes.
  • Property Rights Protection: Our attorneys handle property boundary disputes, easements, and encroachments, protecting your rights and finding amicable solutions.
  • Representation in Court: In cases where disputes escalate to litigation, we are fully equipped to represent you in court, ensuring your interests are vigorously defended.
  • Liability Protection: Mistakes in real estate transactions or disputes can be financially burdensome. Our legal skills help minimize your exposure to potential liabilities.

Considering the significant stakes in real estate affairs, it is crucial to have an experienced Winter Park real estate litigation attorney to safeguard your interests and ensure a seamless process. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and benefit from our expert guidance and representation.

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Navigating Florida real estate can be challenging, requiring a deep understanding of the law. At Perez-Calhoun Law Firm, we focus on addressing unique issues in this field. Our Winter Park attorneys handle various real estate disputes, as well as related areas such as divorce, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Business creation and Litigation. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and secure a brighter future in real estate. Contact Perez-Calhoun Law Firm, your trusted partner in Florida real estate litigation.


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